Community Abundance

Women Connections | Partnership Events


Community Abundance

Women Connections | Partnership Events

Building Community connections through partnerships with women

Community Abundance | Empowering Support | Confident Growth

Here at Brilliant Abundance we believe that community abundance is built and shared by experienced life moments that in create and allow us to be mindful and intentional with our purpose actions and encounters.  Take a look at our past and current partnership events to help women build greater connection through inspiration, intention, and spiritiual healing and awareness.

It is always a great effort to go out and support the community, to feel supported in return is a greater reward.  If you're looking for ways to get involved with community development, we'd love to hear from you!


respecting our voice and vision in 2017

Kicking off 2017 with empowerment and inspiration...

respecting our voice and vision in 2017

Kicking off 2017 with empowerment and inspiration...

Brilliant Abundance Signage | Isiah 61:3

Interview | Unapologetic Queens

Having the experience to share in an interview with like-minded women, striving to empower and awaken our communities, sharing the evening with the Unapologetic Queens was uplifting, humorous, and a great outlet for women of color in the current climate of American culture and women's issues.

It is always a great effort to go out and support the community, to feel supported in return is a greater reward.  If you're looking for ways to get involved with community development, we'd love to hear from you!


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Take A Stand

Join us October 2017 as we kick off our Domestic Violence Awarness Campaign.  Follow us on Tiwitter for direct access to safety tips, healthy relationships, consent, and much more...

DASH for the Holidays

For the past few holiday seasons, Founder, Corinn Marquis has partnered up with District Alliance Safe Housing (DASH) to help bring joy to survivors and their families on Christmas morning. This year we invite you to join us in our efforts to make Purple Power Scarfs for each and every survivor and her child.  While purple is the color for Domestic Violence Awareness, we are also asking for teal scarves in support of sexual assault awareness.  Sign up for more details on how to get involved and make your contributions to this worthy holiday cause.

Winter Warmth Scarf Drive | #B_Abundant

Black upStart Marketplace

Black upStart | Ruby Ella Photography: Corinn Marquis | Founder & CEO, Brilliant Abundance

For the first time, our Founder, showed up and showed out to table for Brilliant Abundance.  That event led to the booking of the first event of the year, a podcast interview with Unapologetic Queens.  On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, Founder + CEO, Corinn Marquis appeared as a guest on their weekly podcast show to discuss the founding of the organization, the current climate of culture, as it pertains to her body safety, and healing and advocacy for women.  

As a graduate of the Black upStart bootcamp, she was thirlled to sign on as one of the exhibitors at the organizations one year anniversary celebration.  As the only, nonprofit tabling at the event, Corinn spoke to as many people as she could to share the vision of the organization to heal women who have survived violence.  Through the many connections made that day, Founder + CEO networked to work with Unapologetic Queens.  Two women, Howard University graduates sharing their insight and stories to impact their generation.  


Giving Voice 2 Vision

Your Voice + Vision are the two most important aspects that must be honored if you want your business or mission to stand out!

Giving Voice to Vision is an exciting event hosted by Corinn Marquis of Brilliant Abundance, Keasha Lee Ince of Striking Statements, and Lindsey Turnbull of MissHeard Magazine. Together, these three savvy entrepreneurs will help you understand why it’s so important to show up in a consistent and deliberate way to make the impact you were born to make in your community and the world - right now.

This marvelous event will bring together and empower enterprising, curious, and courageous individuals to mingle with like-minded others and discover the tools and information that you can use to move forward with confidence and purpose toward your dreams.

This event is perfect for those who are interested in learning how to:

  • Face and Work With: Fear and “Failure”

  • Rise Up and Show Up, Especially When You Feel like Giving Up

  • Use Your Story to Empower and Impact the World


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Soul connection | Spiritual Abundance

#FlowAbundantly | Intentional Mind Restoration

Soul connection | Spiritual Abundance

#FlowAbundantly | Intentional Mind Restoration

Launching Fall 2017

Brilliant Abundance | Pencil You In Series

Self-Care Series

This fall join us as we take some time to have some "me-time'! Yes! That's right, some time for just you! So sign up to #PencilYouIn this fall, right before the holiday stresses set on or even trauma triggers of our past.



Past Partnership Programming


What do I get for
signing up?

In honor of National Meditation Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, Brilliant Abundance has teamed up with Nazaahah Amin Yoga + Connection for Women of Color to bring to you a FREE | 5-Day Meditation Challenge!! 

@nazaahahamin @BlackWomenMeditate

@nazaahahamin @BlackWomenMeditate

Partnership Host | Nazaahah Amin

5-Day Meditation Challenge for Women
  • Guided Audio Meditation

  • Tip of the Day

  • Journal Pages

  • Quote of the Day


Social Media Campaign | Newsletter


Social Media Campaign | Newsletter




Featuring a Weekly Newsletter | + Bonus Edition


Living life to the fullest seems like a daunting task, sometimes or finding the energy to live life beyond our nine to fives; an occasional happy hour or some other sort of networking event; spending times with our families...so on and so on...where was the time for ourselves in that list?  Often we forget out SELF-CARE and that becomes a detriment to us and those we love to support.  Well, Ladies, not this month, have a seat and take some time to yourself by joining in on our movement to inspire, empower, and uplift women during the month of March for Women's History and Sisterhood.

We promise the time will be well spent and filled with Inspiration | Empowerment | & Uplift just search for the hashtag #BeAbundantLove and you'll see the beauty and uplift that's used everyday to make women tap into modes of self-care.  While you wait for our newsletter to arrive in your inbox, every Thursday in March take a moment to like and re-post our inspirational uplift; and after you've signed up for the newsletter campaign, share it with a friend!

Past Partnerships |


Tiffany A. Wright, MSW | Author & Founder of BE!

It was a great pleasure to partner up with Ms. Wright and in the future we have growing ideas for parternships and program enhancements! Make sure you sign up to stay in tune with what's to come for women's history month in 2018!


Week 1 | Newsletter

Mind, Body, & Soul Empowerment Edition


Women should be intentional about their mental, physical, and spiritual alignment. This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will provide women with tips, resources, guided practices, and educational materials to begin her own journey of alignment.


Week 2 | Newsletter

Monumental Moments in Women's     History

black power moves.jpg

For decades women have done work inside and outside of the home, too often those stories go untold or lack the most important of detail. This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will enlighten women with the raw stories of women who have had real struggles before the triumphs and are proud of how they go to where they are today.

Week 3 | Newsletter

Women in Culture


Women live the true definition of culture in their beauty and their pain.  This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will allow you to take a moment to enjoy stories of women through their different life practices, mis-conceptions, values, intellect, and moving past gender bias in the public eye and in the privacy of her own home.


Week 4 | Newsletter

Personal Branding & Entrepreneurialism


Every woman has a personal brand; she represents her brand in her walk, talk, morals, etc.  What every woman may not know is that knowing and developing her personal brand might lead her to becoming and entrepreneur.  This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will explore the successes of women who are novices and master in personal branding and entrepreneurialism.